Editors (3/3): Selection dialog & new entries (With<Bevy>)

The grand finalé of the editor series. Coverting the selection dialog.

Editors (2/3): Editing entries (in Rust & With<Bevy>)

Aka piecing together a spell editor.

Databases & Editors (1/3) (in Rust & With<Bevy>)

Moving data from code to where it should be.

Magic Missiles & the Registries. (in Rust & With<Bevy>)

Also known as replicated projectiles that cause side-effects when they reach their target.

Doing networking (in Rust & With<(Bevy, Renet)>)

Networking is complicated. Let's talk about packets, bandwidth overhead, and a bit of interpolation.

Untitled Game Project (in Rust & With<Bevy>)

I have not felt this productive in months. Building multiplayer movement & an RPG combat system

DodgerV2 Part 6: Mobile Controls, Polish & Google Play

Adding mobile controls, polishing, and releasing the game on Google Play.

DodgerV2 Part 5: Implementations.

Finally, we actually write the code to make all the gameplay happen, in Unity's ECS "Entities"

DodgerV2 Part 4: Documenting & more defined specs.

Being sick cuts down time, let's define the specs of the project and what the game will actually be about.

Making SimpleFPS.

Making of a simple projectile based FPS in Unreal Engine 4.

DodgerV2 Part 3: Market research & Journal-ing.

'Judging' competition and setting up the Unity project.

DodgerV2 Part 2: "Techstack"

Let's talk about what tech we will build the game upon.

DodgerV2 Part 1: Introduction

For my "Tech" class (TEKTEK01) I am creating a game. I decided to document it on this blog.

Major Grim to ground control!

So, this is a website! After a lot of looking into different blog engines I have settled on Jekyll which makes things as simple as possible. Jekyll is what Github uses for it’s pages feature. It is a static site generator that takes what I have written and reads through the directives and puts together my HTML & CSS code based on that.