The Grim Chronicle

Battle For Azeroth is an expansion for Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft. It has a controversial story. Some people liked it some didn’t. I am gonna try to based on what I think were the problems with it suggest an alternative story for the expansion. This is technically the third draft of this as one I told in discord to a friend and the other I wrote down on twitter a bit later. So let’s jump right in shall we?

We are getting close to the end, probably. I can’t actually tell with these projects. But the plan for today is to implement mobile controls and to do that I will need to do some refactoring.

So, I am a bit behind in my schedule but I spent yesterday working on the ECS Movement System and making these temporary sprites for everything.

So, last week (when this was written) I was sick that lost me a bit of time. So let’s pick up the pace this time. It’s time to put down just about everything about the project in a collected report that contains every piece of research and work I have done so far then there will be a bit of a pause for christmas break then back to work. I don’t know if I have more to say about this so let’s just get started.

This is the story of the making of my simple projectile based FPS in Unreal Engine 4. Someone reading this might know that a few weeks months ago I posted this tweet a while back.

Okay so this post might be a lot less informative and structured. I will be writing it as I go along during class. The plan for today (Thursday 21/11) is to Structure my storage for this project. All the documents I am writing in currently are just dropped into google drive. I am going to move them to a folder shared with my teacher. Get market research done. I am gonna spend some time looking through Google Play for 2D games and note some of their statistics like downloads, stars and release date. Set up Unity project and Github repository.

In the last post I spoke briefly about the vision I have for the game as well as what Dodger “Classic” was. Today we are going to talk about the tech that will actually drive the gameplay.

For my “Tech” class (TEKTEK01) we are creating a product and documenting the whole process. I have decided to document it on this blog. For this project we will be doing things like Market Research and a bunch more stuff that will be talked about in future posts.

So, this is a website! After a lot of looking into different blog engines I have settled on Jekyll which makes things as simple as possible. Jekyll is what Github uses for it’s pages feature. It is a static site generator that takes what I have written and reads through the directives and puts together my HTML & CSS code based on that.