DodgerV2 Part 4: Documenting & more defined specs.

So, last week (when this was written) I was sick that lost me a bit of time. So let’s pick up the pace this time. It’s time to put down just about everything about the project in a collected report that contains every piece of research and work I have done so far then there will be a bit of a pause for christmas break then back to work. I don’t know if I have more to say about this so let’s just get started.

Keyboard Cat

Whilst looking through the project documentation I have decided to license DodgerV2 under the MIT license. If someone feels like they want to do something with it they should feel free to do so and as of the time of writing that license has been pushed to the repo.

Project Specification

What follows is a definition of the project specs (translated into English as the original was in Swedish).

1 What is DodgerV2?

DodgerV2 is a 2D game alike earlier arcade games like Asteroids where you shoot and dodge asteroids to earn points. You have an on-screen joystick to control your spaceship and a button to shoot. The game is primarily for Android and built in Unity.

2 What will you be able to do in DodgerV2?

Main-menu: Start new game See high score Quit the game See links to social media and website of creator (TheGrimsey)

In-Game: Shoot and destroy asteroids. Earn points from the destruction of asteroids. Move your spaceship vertically and horizontally with the use of an on-screen joystick. Take damage from asteroids hitting your spaceship

Death-screen: Restart Return to main-menu See your high score.

3 System Requirements

Android 4.4 or newer.

4 License

DodgerV2 will be distributed under the MIT license.

This was really all I had for this time.

As you can note by the mention of Christmas break this was written in December originally. I have just been a bit busy with other things to get it out. Part of that is actually working on DodgerV2. You should see part 5 out soon and it will be packed with stuff.

Written 21 Feb 2020 by Grim